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collect Advance Payments, Digital Payments

sell Online, E-commerce, App, POS, Marketplace

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engage Signage Solution, IPTV, Audio Player, Surveys, Check-in-Solution

Expose Micro Business Website, E-commerce Website

communicate Mail, SMS, Email, Chat, Whatsapp

My App Your own Business App

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Integrate Xero, Wordpress

POS Point of Sale + Inventory Management

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Who is BuddyTM

What does
BuddyTM do ?

How does BuddyTM

add Smile$ to your day?

What are Smile$?

Smile$ are our SuperCoin that can be redeemed for anything and everything withing our app (Donate, Shop, buy, pay or subscribe with Smile$)

Why Buddy?

for the Consumer

for the Business

  • A 360
  • Digital Business
  • Toolset to empower
  • your Business

The Buddy Promise

Why go Premium

Premium Benefits


Pay it Forward

Your Subscription is contributed towards your Community of choice. You Get to enjoy the pleasure of giving while you unlock the joy of receiving the value premium offers you.

Never pay for listings ever again

As a Premium Buddy, you can list as many classifieds as you want every month. For free buddy!

Scratch for Premium Prizes

Get Premium WIN Games every time you buy or pay. Stand a chance to Scratch4Prizes like weekend getaways, smartphones & up to K Smile$! Prizes added daily.

Earn More Smile$ on Everything

1-3% back when paying direct with Smile$
9% - Smile$ back on takeout order
9% - Smile$ back on airtime
9-20% - Smile$ back on Grab & Gift Vouchers and retails purchases
20-30% - Smile$ back on accommodation & activity bookings

Protection During Emergencies

Get the ability to trigger an SOS Alert and get help from Medical Gurus on standby 24/7

Here are some real-world examples of how being a Premium

Personal Travel & Trade Assistance

Chat with Buddy and let us arrange your bookings, negotiate awesome deals and maybe the occasional freebie.


Premium Buddies earn up to 30% Smile$ Cashback on any orders via the Buddy SuperApp.

Subscriptions & Memberships

Subscribe & unsubscribe with ease, and manage your subscription billing all within the Buddy SuperApp. Premium Buddies get up to 10% Smile$ Cashback on their active Subscriptions & Memberships.

Magic Lotto

Buy your SA And Euro Lotto tickets with the Buddy SuperApp! Premium Buddies get up to 4% Smile$ Cashback.

A family of 4 goes on a weekend holidays and pays N$600 per person for 2 nights, that = N$4800. If the booking was made on a Premium account, they’d get 30|% Smile$ back.

You'd earn 14400 Smile$
Saving N$ 1440.00

Your tyres are all old and treadless. New ones will cost N$1500 each, that = N$6000. Buying your tyres as a Premium Buddy gets you 30% Smile$ back.

You'd earn 18000 Smile$
Saving N$ 1800.00

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